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Our Vision Is To Offer Private Musical Instruction To Ages 5 To Adult,
Assisting Students In Meeting Their Goals To Get Easy Way Of Learn The Music.  



                       Music Provides A Quality Music Education. To Educate And Empower Creative                                      Practitioners To Confidently Embrace Proactive Professional Careers In Arts And                                  Entertainment Performance. 

                       Aim :
                       We Can Change The World. Who Wants To Play The Music. Those Are All Welcome To                          Our Music Academy. Feel Free To Learn The Music. This Peaceful Atmosphere Can                                Change Your Thoughts & Get Back To Your Positive Mind. 

                      Objectives :

                      To Motivate Qualities Of Students.
                      To Create Awareness Of General Music Realities Of The Environment In Which Are                       The Students Attain Overall Development.
                      To Identify Elements Of Expression That Evoke Thoughts, Images, And Feelings.
                      To Improve Performance Skills.
                      To Skills And Attitudes Appropriate To A Variety Of Roles.



Magic Nest,
Opp to SBOA School,
Near RS.Puram,
Coimbatore -641039.


Email: prismonemusicacademy

Phone: +91 9940741942 
Phone: +91 9944706765
Phone: +91 9384741551